Frequently asked questions

Our service allows you to watch television simply with an internet connexion (ADSL, Fiber or 4G). The IPTV does not need cable or satellite. All you need is an simple internet connexion or a good 4G coverage. Thus, you can enjoy our IPTV service on any device : smartphones, tablets, smart TV. 

Our services are not geo-localize, you can use them anywhere in the world. 

Our offer is wide with all TV bouquets and more than 11 500 programs :BEIN SPORT IPTV, CANAL PLUS, CANALSAT , CANALPLAY, RMC SPORT ….

The internet speed needed differs depending on the video quality. To watch your programs in HD or Full HD quality, you will need at least a 8Mbps speed connexion. To enjoy our service in SD quality, you need a 2Mbps speed connexion minimum. 

Yes, our services are compatible with any device : Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets, TV boxes, Apple or Android via several free apps. You just need to install an app and enter the settings you will receive after ordering. 

Our service only needs an internet connexion to function, wherever you are : France, Belgium, Swiss, USA, Canada, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and all over the world. 

This problem occurs mostly with Free Internet Provider. The freezings start from 6pm to very late hour in the night. This problem does not come from our servers, it’s some internet providers that restrain their feed. 

  1. Disable IPTV from your box.
  2. Change for another internet provider
  3. Use a VPN

The process is very simple. You just have to go on the Home page : click on the « ORDER » button, you will be redirect to a new page to finalize your order and pay via « Stripe ». Guaranteed or Refunded ! 

You will never be asked to pay any other fees for the duration of your plan. You will be able to enjoy the best Tv channels in the world with a 24/7 support.