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Cookies Policy

As most websites, use « cookies » and files similar to cookies. Those cookies have different features :

Definition of a cookie

Cookies are small files of data, often containing a unique identifier, that are sent and stocked on your device when you visit some web pages. They are created by your browser at our request and stocked in a space approuved by your device.Cookies are usefull beacause they allow our web site to recognise the user’s device. Most websites use cookies. To order products on uour website, you must have authorized cookies. Please report to the section below  » Cookies’ administration ». 

Use of cookies on our website

When the customer browse on our website some informations are likely to be saved, ou read, in his terminal. By go on browsing on our site after the warning message poping up at his first connexion, the customer accept the use of cookies et other markers to : 

  • Analyse his areas of interests
  • Collecting stats on visits and measuring the attendance on our websites
  • know abour his opinions on social media 

Cookies’ administration 

You can, at any moment, choose to disable the cookies. Your browser can also be set to report the cookies dropped on your computer, and ask you to accept or deny them. You can accept or deny cookies one by one or deny them systematically.